Religious Education

Our Religious education Program and Sacramental program is a continuing journey of the Catholic faith.  It is one that should begin in the home and is reinforced by our weekly classes. The primordial goal of our Religious Education program is that the children learn to live our Catholic faith and experience Jesus in their lives and families.

Our religion program will be effective if the teachings of the Catholic doctrine are reinforced in the lives of the children; however giving meaning to the rituals and symbols of our faith is not enough.  Therefore, as parents, you have the responsibility to provide a daily commitment to God by practicing the gift of faith and setting an example for your children.  Our efforts will not be effective unless they are combined with your efforts.


2013-2014 Schedule

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Fall Schedule – all classes

Immaculate Conception Church offers a variety of programs for religious education grades 1 – 8.  The Program is an eight year program with sacraments administered in the 2nd and beginning of 9th grade.     The programs consist of a Family Program which meets twice a month, with parents attending with their child, grades 1 – 5 only, a weekly program which meets every Sunday, grades 1 – 6 .  We also offer Sunday morning and  Wednesday and Thursday evening program for Confirmation preparation grades 7 and 8.   A summer program is offered with very limited space on a first-come -first -served basis. Further information is available from the Religious Education Office. Baptismal certificates are required for all new students.


Creator of all things, true source of Light and Wisdom, lofty source of all Being, graciously let a ray of Your Brilliance penetrate into the darkness of my understanding and take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, sin and ignorance. Give me a sharp sense of understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally. Grant me the talent of being exact in my explanations, and the ability to express myself with thoroughness and charm. Point out the beginning, direct the progress, and help in the completion. We ask this through Christ our Lord. AMEN By St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of students.

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